About Us

Cognizance is a Performance Improvement Consultancy helping its clients develop and improve their operations smoothly. The company consists of management professionals who solve any management related issue at ease, with passion and results in business developments.

We take great responsibility in assisting any needs of the management and consider it as one of our own. We satisfy our clients by improving time and cost for them are improve competency in the market.

Our Vision

By being a leader in the provision of professional services, to improve the business environment.

Our Mission

  • Support customers in their most critical phase.
  • Offer quality services in problem solving.
  • Close gaps in the management in order to satisfy our clients.
  • Provide benefits, training and inspired solutions.

Our Values

Cognizance’s core value proposition is implementing operational performance improvement initiatives and operational performance excellence. Our values include:

  • Customer focus
  • Quality processes
  • Client satisfaction
  • Integrity in what we do
  • Innovation
  • Dynamism
  • Team spirit
July 23, 2017