Cognizance’s service consists of strategic formulation and business planning-led by our clients who also set the identified goals. We offer services such as management solutions, pensions, project management, quality management services etc., working side by side with our clients and manage to secure unique features according to their Strengths and weaknesses and always in-line with the market opportunities and threats.

Our services and solutions include:

Management services

Cognizance helps management teams go through the day to day activities of a business and ensures stress relief and lessening of everyday burden. This enables professionals to focus on the more important tasks of high value to the business. We solve management problems effectively by eliminating any differences or variances in the running of the business.

Quality Management Services

Our task is managing details behind the scene so as to deliver superior solutions. We offer services from planning till the completion of the task you require from us. Our main goal in this set of services is to eliminate wastage of time and money so that efficiency is applied for the running of the business.

We analyze the management process to find out the reasons for delaying project and thus reducing the time taken to complete a task. Quality is provided when our services help you reduce administration burden and provide efficiency in the running of the business, introducing new outsourced innovations and tactics.

Pension Services

Among our suit of services, one can also choose our tailor-made financial services offering pensions and schemes related to individuals and organizations. We provide our clients with knowledge for our schemes to our clients so that they can select the one, most suitable to them. Our enhanced services ensure clients will have a graceful and comfortable life after retirement.

Project management services

Our support to the organization ranges from designing and planning, to the strategic execution of the project and its final delivery. We assist managements to understand what is required at every step of the business.

With the help of our experienced project managers we provide assistance in:-

  • Leadership
  • Project planning
  • Implementation
  • Coaching/training
  • Estimation of resources

We also look forward to provide more services in future.

July 23, 2017